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a place for traditional catholics to discuss faith and spirituality
This community was founded by and for catholics with traditional values and is intended to be a community of faith and support for all those that are trying to live out the Traditional Catholic faith in their daily lives. There are many other catholic communities on LJ, but having not found a place for our traditional beliefs and practices in many of these communities, we decided to create our own.

All catholics and non-catholics are invited to take part in our discussions -- come, learn more about our Church's 2000+ year old traditions and practices and why we, as traditional catholics, believe they have a special importance in today's world.

Some basic community rules:

+ Every comment should be made with respect and love. comments that are disrespectful or intentionally offensive (using a fairly loose
definition) toward others will be deleted and the user banned.

+ No SPAM of any sort including chain letters, online petitions, and the like will be tolerated.

+ No attempts to proselytize will be tolerated.

+ If you want to argue against the consistent, clear, and unambiguous teaching of the Church against abortion, please take that to a different
community like abortiondebate.

+ If you want to debate whether or not Catholicism is a valid form of Christianity, please go to some place like debate_religion or`

+ If you are interested in posting politically motivated rants, please see faithxpolitics.

Failure to comply with these simple rules of conduct will get you removed from this community and you will be banned. Just remember to be charitable and everything will be fine. If you take issue with these rules or with actions taken against you, please take the dialog offline and contact his_bee.